Our children will finally be bilingual

Our children will finally be bilingual

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Three years ago now, my children's school received official recognition as a bilingual school. In practice, the children have gone from three hours of English a week to eight hours, divided into 4 of English and 4 of the Knowledge of the Environment subject. During these classes, no Spanish is spoken, "the concepts of new words are explained in English and with gestures, but nothing is translated," explained Gemma, my son's teacher.

When I told him that my child does not distinguish between Knowledge of the Middle and English and that for him both subjects were the same, he did not give it any importance. She considers that it is normal because he is still very young and since it is the same teacher who gives them English and Knowledge of the Environment, it is normal that they still do not know how to distinguish one subject from another because, in addition, they try to make the contents of both subjects complementary.

The truth is that with how small he is, my son knows a lot of vocabulary and the most important thing is that he pronounces great because with this learning system children learn to modulate their speech system in two ways from the time they are small. From birth to 6 years of age this is possible, but from 10 or 12 years, this learning is a little more difficult.

This generation, and that is the important thing, will finally be bilingual as adults in Norway are already, who are the best English speakers in Europe, followed by young people from the Netherlands, Sweden and Germany. Actually, 400 million people have English as their mother tongue And in most of Europe, people are used to seeing movies and series in their original version.

However, since Spanish is the second most widely spoken language in the world and the study of English as a compulsory language has entered the Spanish educational system very late, the English level of Spaniards is the lowest in Europe, according to a recent study that has carried out English level tests to 54,000 Spaniards through the Internet. According to this research, only one in four Spaniards speaks English well, despite four out of five Spanish companies require a high level of English to enter your template.

And if we ask the population, almost everyone agrees: English is essential and things are changing. Precisely now, in the middle of the enrollment campaign to put children in school, the new 2012/13 school year will have new bilingual institutes and concerted bilingual schools. Currently, there are already many schools that carry out a bilingual education process that begins in the first year of Primary. The future is bilingualism. Let us support our children to learn to communicate in various languages.

Marisol New.

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