Children's clothes in the playground

Children's clothes in the playground

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Although we are not very observant, on any holiday we can easily distinguish who has arranged the children that morning to take them to the playground and who has chosen the children's clothes. And it is that we enter fully into Christmas and the month of December is full of holidays, ideal to enjoy with the children doing different leisure activities.

One of the most helpful plans with children, for most parents, is to go to the park with the children. I love those mornings of swings and slides, going up and down, running and jumping ...

Time flies by, on these entertaining mornings. Among the children who ask me to watch how they get off or how well they climb or climb, I can't help but look at the other children in the park as well. And I don't mean how well they get off and on the swings but how they are dressed.

A festival of colors in children's clothing floods the parks every weekend. Reds, blues, oranges and greens for boys and pinks, mauves, purples and grays are the ones that predominate most in girls. But what most strikes me is the particular color with which parents choose their children's clothes.

In general, parents tend to put children the first thing they see in the closet. It is surprising the combination of colors that they use to dress their children, a little careless perhaps ... but the reason is that they do not give too much importance to the look of their children. For them it is perhaps more important that they are comfortable with flexible pants. However, some also spend time sheltering the children, when perhaps it is not so cold, taking into account that they are going to move a lot in the park or the children are too uncovered for a winter morning.

On the other hand, if it has been the mother who has dressed or chosen the clothes for her children, the feminine touch is noticeable. There is a balance between colors and combinations for skirts and sweaters, pants and shirts, and also the clothes are usually more adjusted to room temperature. Why is it?

And in the chapter on hairstyles for boys and girls, ironically it also shows, who has fixed the children in the bathroom that morning. A brushing to try to lower the most unruly strands of hair is the most they can do for them. No pigtails, clips or braids for the girls "of his eyes", probably because most prefer not to have their father comb their hair. On the other hand, when the girls go down with their mother, they show off their symmetrical pigtails and braids, and the boys' unruly locks have been fought with a little water until they have lowered to their ideal position.

Marisol New.

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