Santa Irma's day, December 18. Names for girls

Santa Irma's day, December 18. Names for girls

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Irma is a name for a girl of Germanic origin that means "the one who has strength", a guarantee for the future stability of your little girl. Although this name is sometimes confused with that of Inma, Irma is a modernized form of the old Irmina. In fact, there is no Irma in the saints, so the girls who bear this name celebrate their birthday on December 18, which is the day of Saint Irmina.

Put the name Irma to a girl it means preserving her strength in life. Irma is a person who loves independence and freedom, defending them to their last consequences. He is a person with a strong but friendly character and is capable of solving the most difficult situations. Mysterious and enigmatic, she is usually successful in social relationships and becomes a fundamental person within the family nucleus.

Irma It is not one of the most popular names, but its use is not something eccentric either. With hardly any variations in other languages, Irma is a frequent name that we find in actresses and singers, although the first Irma that comes to mind is the popular television presenter Irma Soriano, who began in the mornings of the journalist Jesús Hermida and since then he has won the affection of the entire public.

But Irma is also a movie of the always mythical Billy Wilder, "Irma the sweet." A 1963 romantic comedy starring Shirley McLane and Jack Lemmon, which won an Oscar for best soundtrack and was based on a French musical. In addition, the name Irma is carried by one of the most important women in the art world, Irma Stern, whose museum you can find in Cape Town, South Africa.

Curiously, the most mysterious legend that revolves around the name of your daughter does not correspond to a woman, but to a man, Irma, master builder of the Temple of Solomon, who established the custom of establishing a password to gain access to the building. A figure of this Irma that Freemasonry used as a symbol of many of its enigmas.

If you want your daughter to learn to write hername Irma in calligraphy and you can also color it in uppercase and lowercase letters with the colors you like best, you just have to click on the name Irma to print her beautiful name.

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