Day of Santo Toribio, April 16. Names for boys

Day of Santo Toribio, April 16. Names for boys

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Toribio is a name for a boy of Greek origin that means "noisy" or "with a lot of movement", which gives an idea of ​​his energetic and dynamic character.

It is a rare name, but it is very familiar, and it may be the ideal one for your child if you like names with tradition but not outdated. He celebrates his name day on April 16, which is the day of Santo Toribio.

Due to the meaning of his name, Toribio has an energetic character and a combative spirit, something that makes him fight with all his determination for everything he believes is fair. In addition, Toribio is a loyal and protective person, so he easily becomes the leader of his group of friends. His sympathy and alert intelligence make him sociable and admired by everyone.

The name Toribio is not well known outside the Hispanic sphere and it has not been one of the most frequent names in any historical period. This means that today many parents choose to revitalize these traditional high-rise names, which without sounding old-fashioned or eccentric give a touch of originality to any child.

We know several personalities by the name of your son, such as the Spanish professor of Chemistry Toribio Fernández Otero, the humanist Toribio Echeverría and the jurist Toribio Gómez de Santiago. But also, Toribio is a Japanese fiction animated series based on the Dutch comic "Ox Tales".

However, it is the large number of religious, saints and missionaries named Toribio, who have popularized the name of your son, in such a way that it has never been forgotten. Brother Toribio, Toribio de Benavente or Santo Toribio de Mogroviejo are some of the most relevant. But the best known is undoubtedly Santo Toribio de Liébana, for the Monastery that bears his name and for the work it houses.

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