Summer: 1,300 moms rate the risks and the rewards

Summer: 1,300 moms rate the risks and the rewards

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"The unrushed feeling of summer." Remember that? Well, according to 95 percent of the our site moms we polled, relaxation remains at the top of this season's to-do list.

But ice cream cones and days at the beach aren't the only thing on mothers' minds. Our exclusive survey of more than 1,300 moms and moms-to-be revealed worries that range from the economy to how to keep kids entertained. Moms are also eager to protect their family from hazards like sunburn, mosquitoes, and perhaps the most frightening thing of all – television!

Survey surprises

Here are some of the more intriguing responses from our site moms:

8 percent of our moms…sometimes let their children go outside without sunscreen because secretly they like them with a little tan.

11 percent of our moms…sometimes let their children go outside without sunscreen because they're worried about the safety of the products.

94 percent of our moms…agree that sun damage can occur at any age, yet 28 percent only use sunscreen on their own skin occasionally and 7 percent never use it.

29 percent of our moms of kids ages 5 to 8…sometimes let their children ride a bike without a helmet.

78 percent of our moms…are not cutting back on their kids’ activities, such as camp, even though money is tight.

45 percent of our moms overall…are crossing extravagant family vacations off their list, either canceling (30 percent) or taking a more modest vacation (41 percent) to suit their slimmer budget.

61 percent of our moms…have either tried a “staycation” (taking a vacation but staying at home and being a “tourist” in your local area) and found it a fun, cheap alternative or are planning to take one this summer.

What moms love about summer

When asked what they enjoy doing during the sunny season, our site moms gave highest marks to these relaxed outdoor activities with their kids:

  • Going for a walk – 90 percent
  • Playing at the park – 83 percent
  • Hanging out at the beach or pool – 77 percent
  • Picnics – 72 percent

More strenuous activities such as biking and camping appeal to less than a third of moms.

Even mothers who don't take time off or vacation in the summer said they love the longer days and warmer weather: "Just being outside more, gardening and catching bugs, feeling the sunshine," "Not worrying about coats, blankets, and missing socks," and " Not having to bundle up the baby so much."

Our survey also showed that as kids get older and more involved in activities away from home, parents see summer as a rare chance for togetherness.

When asked what they looked forward to most, mothers of kids ages 5 to 8 were much more focused on “being able to spend more time with my children” (63 percent) than were moms with babies (45 percent), toddlers (48 percent), or preschoolers (53 percent).

From the mouths of moms: What they treasure or look forward to about summer

Relaxed time

  • "I love that we don't have to work around school and other commitments we have the rest of the year."
  • "Lazy mornings and breakfast on the deck!"
  • "Chilling in the pool with my baby."


  • "I gave birth in the winter months. It'll be nice not to be cooped up inside."
  • "I have summer off from work. It's wonderful."
  • "Not having to take my son to school before work."


  • "My husband is a teacher and he has summers off, so we'll all be together."
  • "Having our daughter meet family who live far away."
  • "My baby will be born this summer."

A summer myth that just won't die

Here's what we asked our site moms – and how they responded:

Do you think it's safe to let children swim right after eating?

  • Yes – 42 percent
  • No – 58 percent

Legend has it that digesting food draws blood away from the muscles used for swimming, causes cramps, and makes swimmers sink like the proverbial stone.

The reality? Get the facts.

Worries about the sun and other dangers

Sun damage was number one on moms' list of things they dread or fear about summer.

  • Damage from sun exposure (e.g., eye or skin damage) – 62 percent
  • Figuring out how to keep my children occupied – 32 percent
  • Crowds at amusement parks or other recreation areas – 28 percent
  • That my children will watch too much TV – 24 percent

Even so, one-third of moms sometimes let their kids go outside without sunscreen. And almost two-thirds don't make their kids wear sunglasses in the summer – despite the fact that exposure to ultraviolet rays raises a child's risk for cataracts and other eye problems later in life.

Mothers of children ages 5 to 8 considered the sun much less of a threat (45 percent) than moms of the youngest kids do (71 percent). Instead, they're a lot more concerned about "figuring out how to keep my children occupied" (49 percent) and "that my children will watch too much TV" (43 percent).

From the mouths of moms: What's making them nervous about this coming summer

It's too darn hot

  • "Heat exposure. We live in a climate that reaches the 100s in the summer."
  • "Heatstroke, and being unable to go out on very hot days."
  • "That my son will be irritable because he's too hot."


  • "Mosquitoes and horse and deer flies, wood ticks, deer ticks, and all the illnesses they can cause."
  • "Mosquitoes! My girls react terribly!"
  • "Bee stings."
  • "Bites from venomous spiders and scorpions."

Water worries

  • "Dangers from open water (lakes, pools)."
  • "Taking my daughter swimming for the first time."
  • "Swimming worries me."


  • "Being prego in the summer."
  • "Delivery of our newborn twins."

Managing the children

  • "Traveling and being out of our routine."
  • "Being at work when the kids are home. Too much free time for the kids."
  • "Occupying a 2-year-old and managing a newborn."

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