Most popular baby names through history

Most popular baby names through history

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Ever wonder which baby names were in fashion when your grandparents, great-grandparents, and even earlier generations were naming their kids? Here's a fascinating look at the most popular baby names through time – all the way back to the 1800s!

Click on each year to see a full list of the top boys' and girls' names. To give you a little preview, we've provided a sampling of each year's favorites.

Hottest names in recent years

2019 – Sophia, Olivia, and Emma; Liam, Jackson, and Noah

2018 – Sophia, Olivia, and Emma; Jackson, Liam, and Noah

2018 – Sophia, Olivia, and Emma; Jackson, Liam, and Noah

2017 – Sophia, Aria, and Amelia; Jackson, Noah, and Grayson

2016 – Sophia, Riley, and Charlotte; Jackson, Oliver, and Elijah

2015 – Sophia, Lily, and Emily; Jackson, Caden, and Logan

2014 – Sophia, Isabella, and Mia; Jackson, Mason, and Ethan

2013 – Sophia, Emma, and Zoe; Jackson, Jayden, and Jack

2012 – Sophia, Olivia, and Madison; Aiden, Liam, and Noah

2011 – Sophia, Ava, and Abigail; Aiden, Jacob, and Lucas

2010 – Sophia, Chloe, and Addison; Aiden, Ethan, and Logan

2009 – Isabella, Lily, and Madelyn; Aiden, Caden, and Jack

2008 – Emma, Madison, and Hailey; Aiden, Jayden, and Matthew

2007 – Sophia, Ava, and Emily; Aiden, Ethan, and Noah

2006 – Emma, Kaitlyn, and Abigail; Aiden, Ryan, and Joshua

2005 – Emma, Hannah, and Makayla; Aidan, Nicholas, and Tyler

2004 – Emma, Madison, and Sarah; Jacob, Michael, and Connor

2003 – Emily, Hailey, and Olivia; Jacob, Matthew, and Zachary

2002 – Emily, Brianna, and Alexis; Jacob, Christopher, and Andrew

2001 – Emily, Ashley, and Samantha; Jacob, Joseph, and Dylan

2000 – Hannah, Kaylee, and Elizabeth; Michael, Matthew, and Joshua

Looking back through the decades

1990 – Jessica, Brittany, and Samantha; Michael, Daniel, and Justin

1980 – Jennifer, Melissa, and Heather; Michael, Christopher, and Jason

1970 – Jennifer, Lisa, and Tammy; Michael, James, and Brian

1960 – Mary, Susan, and Lisa; David, Robert, and Mark

1950 – Linda, Barbara, and Nancy; James, John, and David

1940 – Mary, Judith, and Betty; James, William, and Charles

1930 – Mary, Dorothy, and Helen; Robert, Richard, and George

1920 – Mary, Ruth, and Virginia; John, Edward, and Frank

1910 – Mary, Anna, and Mildred; John, William, and Joseph

1900 – Mary, Elizabeth, and Ethel; John, George, and Henry

1890 – Mary, Emma, and Florence; John, William, and Harry

Note: Starting in the year 2003, our baby name lists have captured the true popularity of each name by combining names that sound the same but have multiple spellings (like Aden, Aiden, and Ayden). Our pre-2003 baby name lists come from data gathered by the U.S. Social Security Administration, which counts each spelling separately.

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