Preschool: Making it work

Preschool: Making it work

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How do I make our preschool arrangement work for my family?

Finding a good preschool doesn't mean your job is over. Be responsible: Pay on time, call if you're going to be late or miss a day, and don't send your child to school when she's sick.

Talk regularly with your child's teachers and the school's director so you can find out what's expected of you. (See more suggestions on how to be a model parent.)

Let the teacher know you want to help make preschool a good experience for your child. If the school has opportunities for parents to get involved – going on outings, helping with activities, and so on – sign up. You'll not only help the school, you'll get a chance to gain insight into what your child does all day, and your child will love the chance to show you off.

Stop by unannounced, too, especially if you have any doubts whatsoever. It's important to be diligent and make sure the preschool lives up to your expectations, too.

Also be sure to pay attention to how your child feels about preschool. Does he enjoy going or dread it? Talk to his teachers if anything's been upsetting him at school and about how you can make the transition easier.

To help him acclimate, invite some of his classmates over for playdates – as they all get more comfortable with each other, preschool will be more fun.

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